Jam and Jelly

Jam and Jelly

These delicious jams and jellies are the perfect addition to any meal or any party. 

Burnin' Love is that perfect party dish for those that love spicy and sweet, serve it with cream cheese and crackers or use it as a sauce for your meats.

Mango Madness is like summer in a jar, pair this with toast or waffles or anything else you might put jam on. 

Apple butter is a jam that is perfect for breakfast toast or pancakes. It is the perfect balance of apples and spice that remind you of fall.

Strawberry Sensation is tastes even better than it sounds. It is a jam that pairs well with any food item you might put jam on.

Boomin' Blueberry gives you the deliciousness of blueberries in a jar. Another jam that pairs perfectly with anything you might put jam on.

Rockin' Raspberry is sure to rock your socks of with the burst of flavor you get with just one bite.